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Digital storytellers; Hand crafting award winning digital experiences
YellowFirst (‘YF') is a services and consulting company formed by a group of passionate folks with an international reputation for shaping original, feasible and effective service and product solutions. We believe that a successful project is rooted in a deep understanding of its objectives and we take great care to listen to our clients, the end-users and each product influencer often forging long-term relationships. Although our approach has been cited as original and unconventional, our underlying principles are transparency, simplicity and a belief that functional need and emotional response demand equal consideration. YF is led by a group of partners all of whom remain very much hands-on. We have chosen to keep our company relatively niche thus preserved our agility, our humility and our focus for quality.
Intelligent dashboards & reports

Role/ Persona based scenarios and security

The Elements of Value " # " Pyramid
Insurance Tech.
QUOTE TO CARD! Benefits services, Claim processing, Underwriting, Renewals, Rating, Account, etc. External Portals for Subscriber, Provider, Broker, Group Admin
Finance Tech.
Digital Payment, Personal Finance Apps, Trading App, Onboarding Customers, Retirement planning, Asset Portfolio, Budget Planning, etc.
Cloud / Storage
Data Storage & Backup, Data Protection, Cloud Security, Multi-Tenancy Management, User Management, Infrastructure Management
Manufacturing / APM
Maintenance, Reliability, Rounds, Safety, Strategy, RCA, HAZOP, RBI, ASM, ASI, ACA, RCM, Policy Manager, Asset Health, Inspection, SIS, Metrics and Scorecard, TM, Recommendation Management, etc.
Food Tech.
FARM TO FORK! Communication and collaboration App, Intranet, Calendar and Events, Enterprise Social App, KPI, CRM, etc. External Portals forStore Management, training, Order/Inventory Management, etc..
Hospital Management, Patient Care, Sales Relationship Accelerators, Fitness App, Doctor appointment, Patient Wellness App, Patient information/record, Inventory/pharmacy Management, etc.
Airline + Aviation Tech.
Crew Omni-channel, Crew management solution, Revenue Management Platform, Airport 360 for in-gate, onboard passenger assistance, Aircraft Maintenance, etc.
Program scheduling, Episode scheduling, Rating/Priceing, Sales & Adverticeing Dashboard, Audience forecasting, Cross platform, Linear & Digital platform
AI + BI + ML + IoT Analytics
Dashboards + KPIs, Data visualization, Reports / Data table, From / Datasheets, Task management, Team management, Chat + History logs, Calendar / Scheduler
Enterprise Consumerization
Intelligent Dashboards+KPI, Role-based scenarios, Reports and Summary, Suggestive and Predictive, Systematic col+com, Enterprise socialization
"The human eye processes yellow first. Need we say more?"
We chose yellowfirst as our identity because it resonates the most with our core philosophy and approach for each task that we undertake. It’s the color of happiness and optimism, enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring.