we humanize

Design adds value faster
than it adds costs... isn't it?
Question is, what problem are we
solving and for whom?
Defining all 'Y's through Analysis, Design & Technology.
The secret to a loveable product experience resides in how the problem is solved, thus we create innovative and disruptive digital product journeys that empathize with users, archiving business goals, and appeal to global audiences.
Focused Services
Research + Analysis
Discover opportunities, identify stated/unstated needs, and lay the foundation for product enhancement in the short and long term with a meticulous release road- map.

Business / User Research

Ethnographic Study


Use-case Analysis

Ecosystem Mapping

Heuristic Evaluation

Focus Groups Workshops
We must design a product or service strategy with a holistic lens encompassing the ecosystem in its entirety, thereby offering a seamless and meaningful experience.

User Personas & Scenarios

Information Architecture

Low/Hi-fidelity wireframing

Interaction Design (micro + macro)

Visual Design

Design System

Prototype + Validation
We have engineers well- versed in scalable, white- labeled, shared component library, and SaaSification ready architectures for powering the web, mobile, wearable, and IoT applications.

UI Development (HTML, CSS)

ReactJS, NodeJS, AngularJS

API / Microservices

Data Visualization / Dashboards

Mobile App

CloudOps / DevOps

Automated/Manual QA
Speculative Design
These futures can be possible, plausible, probable, and preferable.
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Asset Performance Management
Disruptive innovation in industrial arena and transforming manufacturing conventions
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Quote to Card; Demystifying the UX for Insurance
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